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8 Signs Your Partner Is a Cheating Narcissist


Narcissistic behavior is probably the most dangerous! And if you know someone like that, the best thing you can do is avoid them as much as possible. But what if you are in a relationship with somebody like this and you don’t know? In today’s article, I will show you 8 signs that your partner is not as nice and cute as you think he or she is; furthermore, you might discover things that you didn’t even suspect they hide…

Is your partner a narcissist? 

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who completely won you over, pursued you tenaciously, and made outlandish promises and declarations about their feelings, only for you to find out they were actually dating someone else the entire time? If this happened to you, then you should know that you’re dealing with a narcissistic or sociopathic personality type.

For both of these types of people, it’s so easy to cheat and lie because it’s basically one of their meaningful traits of behavior. None of them can be true to their partners or have real feelings for them. Due to their overall lack of empathy, they feel the need to be validated all the time, and they basically crave attention.

But don’t fall in this horrible trap simply because they seem nice people on the outside! These are only a few red flags that you should really take into consideration before starting developing feelings for people like this. Keep reading if you want to find out how to recognize an unfaithful narcissist partner because you may be amazed!

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1. Flirting on social media

One of the first things that can “blow up in their face” is flirting with other people without even guessing that their significant other might suspect something unusual in the day-to-day behavior. Indeed, all narcissists rely on it! With their charm and way of faking things, they might easily trick you as well! “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” as the saying goes.

If you bring it up with your partner, they can claim that they are just “pals” and you have nothing to worry about. On the other hand, if they are openly flirting with others on social media, it merely shows that they have little regard for you or consideration for what you or others may think.

However, this is one of the major red flags in a relationship with a narcissist that can indicate they are about to cheat you without remorse in the next second. Be aware of it!

2. They frequently cancel plans

One of the worst signs of narcissistic behavior is that they often cancel plans they initially made with you and eventually come up with a lame excuse to not show up to the date. You may think that they are busy people, but in reality, this is a major red flag that they are in search of a new person to hang out with or for another affair.

Don’t be surprised, but a lot of narcissists believe that exclusive dating is not their thing since they can’t really develop feelings for somebody else. Be careful, because if this happens a lot in your relationship, it might be a serious warning to step out of it as soon as possible!

3. They avoid letting others look into their phones

One of the telltale indicators that a narcissist is cheating—or that someone is cheating in general—is that they frequently text their flings. Therefore, their phone is unlikely to stray from their side. Additionally, it is always password-protected.

If there’s a risk that their fling will call, they’ll probably keep their cellphone in silent mode and in their pocket. Did you ever notice this thing about your partner’s behavior?

4. Their social media is shady and they love creating weird love triangles

A narcissist will always have multiple accounts on dating apps, even if they’re already in a serious relationship. This strange behavior can manifest in a lot of ways, starting with random pictures of themselves showing off or flirty comments on other people’s photos. They will also avoid sharing their relationship status with you, and even if they agree to do so, they will always be open to other discussions with random people.

Doing this will give them a personal sense of validation because they have so many admirers on the internet and everybody is always ready to praise them. However, some people prefer to avoid social media accounts at all. Why? Because none of their previous partners are aware that the narcissist is in a relationship, it may be a means for them to shield themselves since it is much harder to be discovered in the digital era.

5. Sudden changes in their libido

Your partner may be meeting their needs elsewhere if they suddenly seem uninterested in touching you physically. In the event that they begin acting more libido-driven than usual, the same holds true. It can imply that they are turning to you again because the person they are cheating on you with isn’t readily available right now.

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6. You catch them lying very often!

Believe it or not, sociopaths and narcissists are masters at pathological lying. Being able to deceive their numerous romantic dates gives them a feeling of satisfaction in deceiving others. They may occasionally tell lies to keep themselves safe and avoid getting caught cheating. When they’re caught lying about something, even when you show them the proof, they will deny it or start accusing you of not trusting them.

In a relationship, a cheating narcissist will always claim how much they value honesty and transparency, when the reality is always the other way around. To trick you into believing them, narcissists often show a side that’s sweet and lovey-dovey-ready and give you the impression that everything is fine. Perhaps they will also agree to post pictures of you as a couple, but they will never think twice about cheating on you.

7. Requesting space

In the first few months of dating a narcissistic partner, you’ll frequently experience “love bombing” and receive excessive amounts of attention, love, and affection. And since they’re all masters of manipulation, this stage is frequently brief because narcissists have a tendency to lose interest and get bored easily.

You might observe your narcissist partner withdrawing and “needing space” in ways they haven’t before, especially if they are the cocky type. In general, this means they’ve had enough of you and are looking elsewhere for new sources of fun.

Are you able to recognize one of these traits in your current relationship? If not this book might give a deeper insight into the issue. One of my closest friends read it last year when he was dealing with a narcissistic woman who trapped him in her circle of lies. He was desperate to get out of it, but he didn’t have the necessary money to pay for a therapist and ask for advice.

8. They start spending money behind your back

You most likely have no idea about a narcissist’s spending if you’re dating one. However, if you’re married to one and find mysterious transactions on their credit card, it’s possible that they were making purchases for someone else.

Finances should always be discussed in a relationship, but if your partner insists you switch to separate bank accounts after having a joint account for a while, that’s a sure sign they’re a cheating narcissist.


If you happen to notice any of these signs mentioned above, maybe it’s time to have a serious conversation. Even if in most cases a narcissistic person won’t be able to communicate properly, or if in the end you will always be the one to blame, it’s important to remember that cheating is not your fault. What’s a narcissist’s favorite activity? to get away with everything easily!

A large number of narcissists will cheat on anyone they’re with, regardless of how good or bad the relationship is. However, if you happen to notice unusual behavior in your partner, even if they are not cheating, it’s still important to discuss all the concerns that you have.

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