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10 Most Common Things Men Usually Lie About

White lies, omissions, intentional lies, a lie is a lie whatever you call it. Some are said with good intentions while others are meant to hurt you. According to various studies and surveys, it seems like men are statistically proven to lie more than women, with their lies being more self-oriented.

What does this mean? It means that men are engaged in more deception especially when it helps them promote their self-interest. That being said, read on to find out what men lie most often about and why.

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Ready to find out the 10 most common things men usually lie about?

Their height

According to research published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology, men have been found to hide the truth when it comes to their real height. They say that they are taller, to impress their potential female partners.

As a matter of fact, 55 percent of surveyed men didn’t want to tell their real height when first asked about it. Fellas, think Tom Cruise and just tell the truth. If a woman really likes you, this superficial detail will not matter at all.

Their feelings

Society has attributed vulnerability to women. So much so that if men show any signs of it, they are considered cowards and not strong enough. That’s why men put on their toy soldier suits and act like the manly men they are supposed to be.

When in a relationship, men usually hide their feelings to avoid looking like a softie. It’s easier to say that nothing is wrong and move on. Only that they cannot move on for real, accumulating frustrations and anger until they can no longer hold the feelings in.

According to Sara Stanizai, a licensed psychotherapist and the owner of Prospect Therapy, “Men often feel they should be able to handle something on their own and don’t want to ‘bother’ their partner will the inconvenience of their feelings.”

Their sexual performance

According to studies, more than 150 million men all over the world suffer from erectile dysfunction. And almost just as many deny having this problem, says urologist Dudley Danoff, MD. He reveals that many of his patients come to his office for seemingly other problems, only to drop the erectile issue and ask for specific medicine and treatment.

Instead of tiptoeing around this matter, admit it with honesty and find appropriate solutions with your doctor. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, if not, it shows you are a strong person, concerned for their health and relationship.

Their mistakes

Disappointing people is not something one can talk about easily. It means you have to admit that you were the one making a mistake. That’s why it’s easier to cover up the failures and pretend that nothing major happened.

Men lie about letting other people down, sometimes even to themselves, to avoid losing your respect, says clinical psychologist David J. Ley, PhD. They want to be liked, appreciated and impress other people. And admitting they made mistakes will not help them with this “task”.

However, friends, family and partners want to know the real man, with flaws and all, not the one hiding behind a mask.

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Their fantasies

“Everyone fantasizes about someone other than their partner now and then – lots while they’re actually having sex with them!” says British relationship expert Tracey Cox. But who would admit such a thing? Certainly not men. For fear of hurting or angering their partners, men don’t even want to admit to having fantasies of any kind.

This might be one of those cases when it’s best to avoid telling the truth, or at least omit certain details, should a partner ask about it. After all, no one would like to know that their partner is thinking about someone else while in bed with them.

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Their mental state

“Men are less likely than women to express emotional vulnerability,” explains psychotherapist Will Courtenay, PhD. If men fight depression, they will most probably hide every sign of it and even try to convince themselves that everything is fine.

Sometimes, it can be difficult for men to accept or even recognize that they have some sort of problem because the symptoms of depression in men can look different than in women. Depressive men can have more anger episodes and be more aggressive unlike women with depression who are extremely sad and emotional, explains the National Institutes of Mental Health.

Their previous relationships

According to a survey by the British dating site Illicit Encounters, which involved 2,000 people, around 45 percent of surveyed men admitted to lying to their partners about their past relationships. More specifically, about cheating on their former partners.

The reason for lying is to avoid scaring off a potential new partner. Also, to prevent the other person from creating a negative image in their head. Unfortunately, lying about this is not a good way to start a relationship which should be based on trust and honesty.

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Their anger

“[Men] are afraid that they don’t have a ‘right’ to be angry about certain things,” explains Stanizai. Most men don’t want to be judged or criticized for feeling angry and decide it’s their own problem to solve.

Unfortunately, anger does not go away completely, no matter how much you try to “bury” it. In most cases, it will find a way to resurface, when you, or others, least expect it. Men have to know that a loving spouse can help them dissipate their anger. No in is saying they should completely rely on someone else to do their job for them. But seeing things from a different perspective might come in handy.

Besides, no person wants to be blindsided by their partner and have to deal with someone angry, for no apparent reason. Being angry is nota sign of vulnerability, it’s a human emotion and med should stop lying about it.

The fact that they need you

One of the most common and damaging lies men tell is that they are perfectly capable of doing things by themselves, all the time, no matter what. “This is the most ludicrous lie of them all because we all need somebody – we’re social creatures that crave connection above almost everything else,” says former journalist and book author Tor Constantino.

Forget about all those hero movies you’ve seen on TV and come back down to Earth where life, good times and troubles are meant to be shared with someone. It’s ok to admit that at certain moments of your life, you need another person to help you, physically or emotionally. There’s nothing more beautiful in a relationship than to know you can rely on your partner.

Their financial situation

According to a poll of more than 1,300 single adults, approximately one in five men said that they lied to their dates about their financial situation. Men with a lower income lied about earning more, to impress their potential dates; at the other end of the spectrum, men with higher incomes did not want their dates to know how much they made to make sure money was not the decisive factor in their future relationship.

As a matter of fact, according to another survey conducted in 2023, 86 percent of male online daters and 74 of female daters hid the truth about at least one aspect of their profiles, income being among those lies.

According to the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE), a simple lie about income at the beginning of the relationship can turn into downright financial infidelity throughout the marriage/relationship. In the long term, it will only cause arguments and maybe even lead to divorce/separation.

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