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5 Ways to Drive Your Wife Crazy With Desire

Do you know what you can do to drive your wife crazy with desire?

Sometimes it is not only about how you can drive your wife crazy with desire, but rather how you can keep the spark alive in your relationship!

You can always keep the part of desire alive in your marriage, and women are known to go wild when their husbands do certain things for them.

Do not worry; it is not something that is unattainable or that will cost you a lot, but rather small things that can keep the spark of romance between the two of you alive and thriving!

You may think that you have lost that romantic spark or that you are worried that you could appear clumsy when you try, but trust us, there are worse things. In the end, your wife will see you trying for your relationship, and that is the most important!

If you are ready to make your spouse happy, rekindle your romantic life, or just check if you’ve still got the moves, make sure you keep on reading to discover what women love to see from their husbands!

What do you do to keep your marriage filled with romance and desire? Let us know in the comments below!

drive your wife crazy with desire
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Compliment her!

You may be telling your wife that she looks nice, but do you just say it like that, or are you truly paying attention? Do you take the time to look at her and tell her wholeheartedly? Or is it more of a comment you make out of habit?

A great habit you can pick up is to pay attention to her and what makes you attracted to her, and then compliment her on those things. Maybe she does not even know you still find those things about her desirable anymore. So make a point to verbalize things when you think that she looks great.

Based on what we have seen and talked with others, but also from our own marriages, sometimes wives tend to feel invisible. And if you do not compliment them, they sometimes feel like they are taken for granted, that the spark has dimmed and that their husbands do not feel any desire for them anymore.

Think about it this way: you cannot say the spark is no longer there and there is no more passion if you have not worked to keep it aflame in the first place.

Do not go overboard with the compliments, but if you end up paying attention and complimenting her even when she has done something small, it will go a long way. She may not admit it, but she will be pleased that you compliment her and take notice of her!

Be spontaneous, yet meaningful with gifts!

One of the things you can do to drive your wife crazy with desire and happiness is to give her small gifts.

This does not mean you should pull expensive gifts out of the blue and make a point out of them. You can do small things for her, and she is definitely going to notice and feel loved and cherished.
If you see something that reminds you of her, you can get it for her. It needs to be something meaningful for the two of you or for her.

Generally speaking, while big gestures and gifts are appreciated, if you only do that once a year on her birthday, it seems like you do it out of obligation. You can always spend the time and emotional effort to give her small gifts here and there.

The point of it, while it can create desire between the two of you, is to be romantic and to make her feel seen and appreciated. Bring her some flowers if she likes them. Pick up her favorite snack when at the store. Get her the new book her favorite author just released.

Any gift, no matter how small, that is spontaneous and thoughtful is going to be appreciated by her. And any spouse, for that matter!

drive your wife crazy with desire
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Plan dates!

If you’re trying to bring back desire in your relationship and rekindle that passion you two once had, you need to be proactive and start planning dates.

A lot of couples who have been married for a long time, when asked what they think they should change about their relationship, the most common answer is that they need to make time for their spouse and spend more meaningful time together.

Yet, life has this way of killing those plans. A great way to make sure you bring back passion and desire to your marriage is to plan dates for the two of you! Sure, you may watch movies together at home and sleep together, but that is not something intentional.

A lot of wives end up being the ones who plan these dates and go through the hassle of arranging everything, so why not change the status quo and do it for the two of you instead?

You can make the effort the first few times, pick out something to do that both of you would love, make any needed reservations, dress up for the occasion, and spend time with your wife! She’s definitely going to love and appreciate the time you put into it!

Down the road, you two can alternate who plans these dates. And remember that there do not have to be huge outings. Sometimes dinner at her favorite and a walk down in the park may just do the trick!

No matter your age, you can use a little bit of help when it comes to planning your fate. If you are looking for an easy way to get an idea of what you can do, then give this scratch-off date idea pack a chance! It will help you come up with an idea, and you can always adapt it so that it works for you two!

Help her around the home!

Yes, we are going there. Even if you split the chores, a lot of the time the wives end up doing the brunt of the housework. Tidying the home, taking care of the kids or grandkids, cooking, scheduling everything, and making sure everyone is on time for various events—juggling everything.

She may enjoy being the one doing all the scheduling and planning, but believe us when we tell you that she will appreciate it if you get more involved and help her around.

Of course, everyone’s situation is different, but if you automatically think that your wife will do something, then why not do the work yourself?

Do not leave the plates in the sink; do the dishes. What makes this gesture bring more desire to the relationship is that she does not have to tell you to help her; you thought about it and decided to do it yourself!

Try it out!

drive your wife crazy with desire
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Hold her!

One of the most overlooked yet simple ways to drive your wife crazy with desire is to simply hold her! By that, we mean that you should do more of the old-fashioned cuddling and even just hug her more often.

A lot of women are tactile, and in a lot of cases, even if they are not prone to showing physical affection to their husbands, they would like to be touched more. If you find that you have not done anything like this for a while, then maybe you should start doing it again.

Greet her with a kiss and a hug. Snuggle up while you watch that movie or series episode. Take a few minutes in the morning to snuggle before you both start your day.

Experts in interpersonal relationships even say that a 10-second hug given each day facilitates connections between people. And between your spouse and you, it will definitely lead to a more intimate, strong, and lovely connection!

These are just some of the things that wives absolutely love, but it is good to know your spouse well. Maybe they like certain things more than others, and maybe they have a different type of attachment style than you do. Knowing that is the key to having a long-lasting, romantic connection. Read more about attachment styles here!

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