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9 Sure Signs Your Date Finds You Attractive

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First dates can be very intimidating! I remember when I had my first date with my partner (it was five years ago). I was so nervous that I even spilled the cocktail on the table. It was very embarrassing at first, but we laughed about it, which was fine. The thing that helped me relax a bit was the fact that I knew he liked me too. Let’s see how you can do that too!

You’re about to go on a first date? That’s awesome! If you really like your date, chances are you’re nervous and hoping you’ll make a good impression. But who says you haven’t already done that? Keep reading to discover the signs that tell your date is vibing with you!

With COVID-19 restrictions easing and things returning to normal, in-person dating is finally making a comeback. I mean, first dates have something special. When everything goes smoothly, everything will follow—the vibe, the laughs, the topics.

If you haven’t been on a first date in a while, you won’t know which cues indicate to your date that they like you. Don’t worry; I’ve talked to some body language experts, and they shared some 9 key signs to look for to tell if your date is into you.

Let’s get started!

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1. Eye Contact

Eye contact is one of the top signs of connection in every type of interaction. If your date does that, or even better, if he or she can’t get their eyes off of you, that’s an important indicator that they are truly interested in you.

According to body language experts, eye contact is the best sign of desire. If you’re a Scarface fan, you definitely know the famous line: The eyes, chico. They never lie. Yep, that’s true! If someone’s attracted to you, they will look at you when you speak, maintain eye contact, and not search for the clock or their phone.

In fact, the gaze is usually the first thing you should pay attention to. Looking deeply into someone’s eyes can feel quite awkward, and most of us only do so with someone we’re comfortable with. So, if your date is longingly holding your gaze, you can confidently assume they are into you.

2. Breathing Speed

Is your date breathing quickly? Well, this is usually a sign that they are excited to be sitting next to you and talking to you. I mean, if she or he didn’t care about you, they wouldn’t want so much to make a good impression, therefore they would be laid-back.

But here’s a tricky thing: If he or she is breathing slowly, don’t assume they aren’t interested in you. It just means that they are confident in themselves and relaxed in your company. And obviously, there are other signs to look for to determine whether your date feels the same way about you too.

3. Body Language

If you find your date initiating physical touch with you and giving you slight touches, then that’s a clear sign that they are into you! According to behavior analysts, if you notice them looking for opportunities to touch you, that’s their body language trying to say to you, “I like you!”

Also, if she or he’s having a fun time with you and likes your company, they’ll have a hard time sitting away from you. While chatting, is your date leaning closer to you? If the answer is yes, then they are really excited to be with you.

Body language experts also point out the opposite. How they position their arms can indicate their feelings. For instance, crossed arms are usually a sign of defensiveness, and secret keepers tend to do this gesture quite a lot. This book can help you better understand nonverbal communication.

4. They Look Hot (Figurately, but Also Literally)

You’re on a date, and you suddenly notice that your partner’s looking really flushed. This is common in the winter, especially if it’s freezing outside. Yes, a red face could also be triggered by sudden changes from hot to cold.

But if your date’s face stays the same throughout the entire time spent together and it isn’t cold outside, then that’s a pretty good sign they are into you. When you’re around someone you’re into, an adrenaline rush increases your heartbeat, which eventually raises your body temperature.

The result? Blood flows to the surface of your skin, causing you to look overly flushed.

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5. Easy Conversation

A pretty good indicator that a first date goes well is when both people converse eagerly and equally. According to behavior analysts, if your date enjoys your company, then they will have a hard time keeping quiet during the date.

When two people like each other, they want to know things about the other one. If she or he asks you things to get to know you, then they are definitely attracted to you. After all, if you’re not interested in someone, why would you want to know what movies, food, or music they like?

If you feel like you both fall into easy conversation, it’s definitely a good thing!

6. Walking Style

Whether your date walks by your side, powers ahead, or lags behind can be an indication of their desire to be with you and of your compatibility. According to body language experts, compatible couples walk at the same pace and stride in similar ways.

After all, you’re definitely not looking for a partner who walks ahead and leaves you behind. If you’re a romantic, then you probably want to take a walk in the park with your date (it doesn’t have to be on the first date). So when you do that, pay attention to their walking. Also, do they walk close to you or leave a certain distance between you two?

If you two are walking next to each other as if your arms could touch themselves, then this could be a sign that your date is attracted to you.

7. Laughter

You clearly have heard this somewhere: If someone likes you, they will laugh at your bad jokes. Well, that’s very close to the truth.

Whether it’s bad or good jokes, genuine laughter is an indicator that your date enjoys your company and is having fun with you. In other words, it could also mean that your date is feeling their sense of attraction toward you grow.

If you and your potential partner are having a good time, then it won’t matter if there are any awkward moments because you’ll both laugh them off instead of sitting there in silence. Just listen to the sounds—anyone who sheds a tear from laughing so hard—you can bet you’ve got their heart.

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8. Stretching the Date

You’re on a first date. Let’s say you and your potential partner are in a lovely setting, having a nice meal, and talking about things. You may have thought it would last up to two hours. Three hours later, you’re in the same place, still talking and laughing. Or maybe you’ve both agreed to take a walk.

This is definitely a good sign. I mean, who would want to spend more time in bad company, right? Some dates end badly, with one or even both parties trying to come up with an exit plan. But if your potential partner is willing to spend more time with you and your first date ends up lasting longer than expected, it’s a sure sign that they are into you!

9. The Last Goodbye

Does your date show signs of not wanting to leave you? Or maybe they look back at you a few times while driving away or walking away. If that’s so, they probably don’t want to say goodbye to you just yet, and this is definitely a clear sign they are attracted to you.

Chances are, the moment you say goodbye to each other will be a little awkward. You know, that’s when the silence settles in for a few seconds, with you two glancing back at each other and smiling. That’s also the moment when one party suggests repeating the whole experience. If your date does that, then that’s a big sign they really like you.

So, how many of these signs did you notice on your most recent first date? Let us know in the comments section!

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