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Senior Dating? 5 Most Romantic Escapes You Can Try

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Going on romantic getaways is the key to keeping your relationship healthy and happy! Believe me, these little (or long) getaways have saved my second marriage more than once! And these locations are to die for.

Do you want to get to the next level in your romantic dating life?

Have you been thinking of organizing a romantic getaway for you and your spouse or partner, but you do not know where you could go? There are so many places many of us would love to visit, so choosing just one can sometimes be extremely difficult, and you could also be worrying whether or not there is something to do in the location you chose.

Do not worry anymore! We have gathered some of the most amazing romantic places you can visit with your significant other, and no matter if you want to just relax, play tourist, or participate in all kinds of activities, there is a location for that!

Tell us which of our suggestions made it onto your travel wish list!

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Location 1:  The Grand Canyon, Arizona

If you are an elder couple and a lot of the suggestions so far sound a bit too active for you, do not worry! Romantic getaways do not need to be full of activities in order to be fulfilling and worth your time. Sometimes we need to take things slow and only participate in more physical activities when we feel like it.

This is why the Grand Canyon is the best place where you can have the best of both worlds! You can both have the relaxing part of it, with long boat rides and private tours for couples, or more intense activities like rock climbing and long hikes! You can even take helicopter rides if that sounds like something you would enjoy!

And you do not have to camp or have an RV in order to make the most of a vacation at the Grand Canyon. There are a myriad of hotels and other accommodations available in the nearby towns that will be full of all the amenities you might need to be comfortable and be able to relax after a day in the Arizona sun!

Not to mention, you cannot deny that watching the sunset or the sunrise over the canyon with your significant other is going to be super romantic! a memory you are not going to forget anytime soon!

Location 2: The Pacific Coast Highway, California

You do not have to go out of the country in order to have an amazing romantic holiday with your partner or spouse! You can very well travel inside the country and have the same great experience, all the while appreciating the vast and diverse sights that the United States has to offer.

If you are a seasoned traveler, or even if you are just now getting into traveling with your partner, the Pacific Coast Highway is a great place to start! And before you discredit it, hear us out!

This highway is considered one of the most scenic drives all across the USA (and we are confident it is among the most beautiful ones in the world as well), and this way you will go down most of the Pacific coastline of California.

You can take leisurely drives while taking in the amazing scenery, and you can stop at some of the most iconic Californian landmarks. You definitely cannot miss the Big Sur Coast Byway and the Art Colony of Caramel!

Start your journey at the border with Oregon, and then go where the highway takes you. It is an easy drive, and many have managed to rekindle their spark with their loved ones on this trip! So if you are looking for a romantic moment to share between the two of you, this is it.

Not to mention, if you are looking for a stress-free, relaxing vacation amidst all the hustle and bustle of life, this one is for you!

Location 3:  The Danube River, Central & Eastern Europe

If you are looking for the ultimate relaxing and romantic experience, why not go on a cruise? And we don’t just mean any cruise; we mean one that will allow you to explore new places and even see parts of Europe that few people get to see!

This relaxing trip for retirees is going to be perfect if you want to go to Central Europe, as it would take you down the Danube River, and it is considered one of the most beautiful and calming cruises you can take. You will be able to stop and explore important cities on the course of the cruise, and in between, the scenery you will be able to take in will be spectacular. Some of the rivers you will be able to see include the Danube (of course), along the Drave, the Rhine, the Leitha, and the Mur, among others.

You can also get to visit Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest! And if you’re stopping in Romania, why not visit some of those places as well as some of Bulgaria?

Think about it! What’s more romantic than a couple’s cruise abroad?

If you’re looking to improve the way you and your partner communicate, why not get some tips here?

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Location 4:  The Canadian Rockies, Canada

You can start small and go on a romantic getaway in the Canadian Rockies. Not only are they pretty close to the United States, but they are an oasis of nature and wildlife that you will love exploring alongside your significant other! The Rocky Mountains on the Canadian front are full of chances to get to explore nature while also partaking in a number of outdoor activities you are not going to regret doing. The best part? There are numerous activities available regardless of whether it is summer, spring, or winter!

Depending on what you like to do, you will find opportunities to do a lot of different activities, from the simpler, calmer ones all the way to outdoor sports that may be more difficult. You will be able to go on a number of incredible hikes to take in the scenery and possibly see some wildlife (be careful of the moose), you can also go biking, and if you and your loved one enjoy winter sports, you cannot miss the ski slopes!

If you go, make sure you include one of the following sights in your trip since they are just some of the highlighted natural beauties of the Canadian Rockies: Peyto Lake, Columbia Icefield, Horseshoe Lake, and Icefields Parkways.

The recreational opportunities you have here are going to skyrocket! Not only that, but at the end of a fun day of adventure, you can convene back to your lodge or hotel and indulge in a romantic dinner or even a night in!

Location 5:  Santa Fe, New Mexico

If you want more from a romantic getaway, why not visit one of the most charming and breathtaking historical towns in the United States? Santa Fe is an amazing location where you can do just that, and if you and your partner are always up for new experiences and love exploring new environments, you will definitely make the most of this New Mexico location.

It is truly a shame that a lot of Americans haven’t been here yet to visit, so you should definitely make time for it in your travel plans, especially since it will make for a uniquely romantic location. There are numerous national and internationally famous art landmarks to explore, and UNESCO has designated some of them as World Heritage Sites, including the nearby Taos Pueblo and the Carlsbad Caverns!

The spots you definitely cannot miss include the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, the Palace of Governors, and the Loretto Chapel!

People come from all over the world to visit the city, so why not join them and see this amazing place? And besides sightseeing, you will also be able to participate in a ton of other activities, such as hiking, horseback riding, yoga, meditation, and many other group activities.

However, if you are in the market for a romantic date night idea, don’t worry! We got you covered even for that, with these amazing date ideas that you and your partner are definitely going to love!

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