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DATING: What Senior Men Are Most Attracted to 

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Are you curious about what seniors over 50 are mostly attracted to? Say no more! Your friend Melissa is here, and because I love making my readers happy, in today’s article I will show some of the most important things that men see as “steaming hot” in a woman!

What do senior men want from a date? 

When it comes to love and dating, there is no specific limit. In fact, dating after the age of 50 has become increasingly popular in recent years! A lot of people have high hopes of meeting their better half, and with all the necessary technology by their side, it would be a pity not to take advantage of it.

Even if it may sound odd, a lot of seniors are single, whether that’s because they got divorced or because they were never married in the first place. No matter the reason, everybody is allowed to be happy! If you’re a single woman, continue reading because we’re about to drop some useful tips on how to make a senior man fall for you!

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1. Smile

Everybody likes seeing smiling faces, and for sure, senior men don’t make an exception. If you happen to notice a woman and you want to start a conversation with her but she seems a bit stiff, you, as a man, will most definitely consider this a turn-off. In order to be a more approachable and lively person, our first and best advice is to smile as often as possible!

And if you’re afraid to do that because of your teeth, talk to your dentist. They will undoubtedly know what to do to assist you in improving their situation. After all, if you decide to take a step toward the dating scene, you may also want to pay more attention to how you look too.

2. Honesty above anything else!

When we are young, we are drawn to the superficial, such as a physical aspect or someone who is social and has a lot of friends. But after a certain age, we look for more serious things, and honesty is one huge quality senior men are looking to find in a woman. Most of them want a reliable person who can be open and honest with them but who is also interested in a serious relationship. Men after 50 want a woman who won’t play games with their hearts and will always be by their side.

Be truthful, express yourself, and share the experiences that shaped you into the person you are today. We all have a past that has helped us become better people.

3. Take care of your physical aspect

You don’t have to worry about getting older because senior men don’t put pressure on this aspect. Of course you won’t look like you were in your twenties, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing captivating about you anymore! Dress up for the first date like you would for an important event. However, if he wants to go to the park, dress casually and choose shoes that allow you to walk for an extended period of time.

Don’t forget that first impressions matter, and if you want to be remembered and also get a second date, be yourself! Wear something that shows your style and your character. I am sure you will find something nice in your wardrobe.

For more tips on how to keep the spark alive even after 55 and other insightful tips, I recommend reading this superb book!

 4. Boundaries

After a certain age, people tend to avoid red flags in relationships at all costs. Senior men are less tolerable, which is why they want a woman who respects boundaries as much as him. If you’re interested in dating after 50, make sure you will be able to respect his space and time and be aware of the fact that you can still be a couple even if you’re doing things separately with your own group of friends. Actually, according to relationship experts and various other studies this is very healthy and necessary for a relationship to work out.

5. Know what you want

There is nothing more appealing than a woman who is confident and knows exactly what she wants! If you’re ready to date after 50, make sure you know what you want from the relationship. Are there any “deal breakers” or things you won’t accept from a man? Be sure you will specify this thing, not on the first date but at least after a couple more.

Remember that we reached that age when we had enough relationship experience to know that people wouldn’t change if they hadn’t until now. Don’t try to convince anybody; just stay true to your beliefs and go on dates with men who seem like they share similar goals with you.

How do you feel about senior dating? Do you have any experience dating after 50 that you would like to share with us?

Please tell us your story in the comments section below.

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6. Someone who has a strong desire for physical activity

Senior men, like us, want intimate moments even after a certain age. In fact, a lot of studies show that people have a higher drive for passionate moments after age 50! Can you relate to this? because I definitely do! Even if we’re not young anymore, that doesn’t mean we don’t crave physical attention as well. And the good thing is that we’re now more experienced, and we know exactly how to express what we like or want in bed.

Surprise him by letting him know exactly what you want, and don’t be afraid to take control! Most men are definitely intrigued when women take initiative.

7. Make him feel like a man

I hope you are aware of the fact that senior men are pretty bold, and even if it doesn’t seem like it, a big majority have their own interests and hobbies. Some of us are even fancier and more handsome compared to our younger selves. I guess it’s like that thing with wine—with age, it gets better!

If you start looking for a serious relationship after 50, on the first dates, show interest in his activities and pay attention to what he likes. This will allow you to discover if your interests are mutual. Let him also be interested in what your hobbies are, and see if he’s open to doing something new together. Remember that these discussions should be held in a friendly tone when both of you feel free to express yourselves.

8. Someone who learned from their previous relationships

If you were married or had multiple partners, then you probably learned a lot from your past. And in most cases, senior men want a woman who is mature. After a certain age, if we’re married, most of us have kids, and because of that, we seek someone who will accept this fact. Maybe some men still keep in contact with their ex-wife because of the kids, or they separated on good terms.

To an extent, it’s true that after 50 we’re more set in our ways, and we can’t or don’t want to change things for others to feel good. It’s how we are now, and for a relationship to work, the other person must accept that. Furthermore, if you begin dating again after a certain age, keep in mind that men appreciate it when a woman respects his past and the decisions he has made.

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