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Let’s talk about men, women, and love. What do men want from women? I’ve asked myself this question since I was 15 and started dating. Now that I’m a 50-year-old woman, I think I can finally answer this question. If you want to learn what I discovered, keep reading.

Do you know what men want from women?

If you’ve been here for a while, you already know that we’ve talked about things that women in their 50s want from men, date ideas that will make your partner say “wow,” and things that you should never say on the 1st date.

We’ve basically covered everything that people looking for a relationship want to know, but one thing we didn’t cover is what men over 50 are looking for in a woman.

I’ve talked to my husband, I’ve asked my friends, and I even went to experts to ask them what they think. If you’re just as curious as I was, this article is for you, because I’m about to give you all the insights that you want.

So what do men want from women? Let’s spill the tea!

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1. A smart woman

We’ve already talked about this, but we’ll say it one more time: what you liked when you were 20 years old is probably completely different from what you like now that you’re a mature, grown person who has a lot of experience and knows what you want.

You’ve probably seen all sorts of old movies, full of stereotypes if you ask me, where they show senior men looking for young and pretty girls. The males wanted young and attractive females, while the women wanted to have the possibility to go shopping as much as they liked and travel the world.

As I said, I think those movies are only stereotypes and aren’t that true. Of course, there are cases when this happens, but the truth is that men over 50 are looking for smart women who they can talk to, with whom they can share different experiences, have meaningful and serious conversations, and who will be able to make good decisions when they need to.

Long story short, they want to be around someone who will keep the couple on the right path and who’ll become a precious teammate to them and a person they can count on no matter what.

2. Ambition

You’ve probably seen plenty of males who don’t feel that well around a woman who’s more successful than they are, because it makes them feel shy and not strong and powerful.

However, that can be seen as a lack of confidence, which typically happens to younger people who are trying to achieve the career of their dreams and don’t like it when others are a few steps ahead of them.

However, a man who already has several life experiences, is confident, very secure in everything in their life, and knows what they want won’t be bothered by a woman who seems to have it all. They’ll actually become more motivated by her actions, and they’ll do anything to support her.

Believe it or not, men actually find ambitious women more attractive compared to those who don’t care that much about the future or about continuing to improve.

If you think that I’m rambling, I’ll give you an example: a few years ago, I felt weird; I was tired all the time, I wasn’t motivated at all, and all I wanted to do was lie on the couch, watching TV shows that made me laugh and didn’t put my brain to work. Basically, I was burned out.

My husband tried to support me, told me that I’d get through this, and helped me with everything he could. He didn’t say anything for a few days, but after a while, he got tired of me being a couch potato, so he came up with various methods to make me feel like myself again.

That’s not only because I’m his wife and he wants the best for me, but also because he felt something weird in our relationship, and he also admitted that he loves it when I’m driven by passion and work on my goals.

So take it from me: men over 50 are crazy about smart, ambitious women who work on themselves and their dreams!

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3. Someone who is family oriented

There are people who want to have children, while others are perfectly fine without any little ones running between their feet, and that’s just as great.

However, if a man over 50 has children and probably grandchildren too, he’s going to look for a woman who can handle their family and who will get along with his kids and grandkids.

It doesn’t matter if you have children of your own; if they do and you begin a relationship with them, you’ll have to make it a priority to get along with their beloved kids. Who knows? Maybe you’ll have different family events and trips, and mutual respect and good communication will be mandatory!

4. Someone who understands them

A mature man doesn’t want a woman who always complains and gets upset when they can’t honor their commitment. Of course, it’s never fun to make plans and then find out one of the partners can’t make it, but life happens, and things don’t always go as planned.

Men are looking for someone who can understand them when things don’t go their way and who’s willing to make an effort to not get mad and give them a second chance. However, this doesn’t only apply to seniors, because everyone’s relationship can benefit from a little support and understanding, right?

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5. No previous partner drama

That’s a little hard to ask, but not impossible, and it works both ways! If you’re with a person who’s been in a longer relationship, such as a marriage, and they probably have children together, they’re still going to talk and see each other regarding their actual relationship.

However, things get weird when one of the exes doesn’t like the new partner of the person they’ve been with, so they start talking bad about them or tell their kids how their mom or dad shouldn’t be with that new person. That’s 100% drama, and it can build tension in the new couple really quickly!

I’ve read different stories on Reddit about divorcees who started dating other people, and one man said that one time he was supposed to go on a date with his new partner, but that woman couldn’t make it because her ex-husband called her to help him with something around the house. I totally understand the need for someone you trust, but when it involves old and new couples, I think boundaries are a must!

I told you that I started asking myself different questions about relationships and that I read a lot of books to help me understand love better. This book will help you out, and it will make your relationship a lot easier, so check it out!

6. Someone who’s funny

Who doesn’t want to be with someone who knows how to crack a joke and make someone laugh? Just think about it: you’ve had a long and tiring day, and you’re not exactly in the best mood. You don’t want to talk; you don’t want to see anybody; you just want to be left alone.

Sometimes that’s exactly what you need, but other times, the best remedy for a situation like this is someone to cheer you on and make you feel safe, someone to tell you something funny to make you think that you’re not in such a bad situation.

That’s what men over 50 want from women: to lift them up when they’re down, to make them laugh when they’re sad, to seek adventure and live life to the fullest, and to be afraid to step out of their comfort zone.

These things will keep the relationship alive and enjoyable and will bring you closer to one another because you’ll both crave having fun and making memories together!

…Do you know what women in their 50 want from men? Click here to find out: Shh… 6 Things Women Over 50 Want From a Man!

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