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Expert Relationship Insights: 8 Things You SHOULDN’T Share With Your Partner

Check out these smart expert relationship insights you’ll wish you knew sooner!

Understanding the delicate balance between privacy and openness is vital in the intricate dance of love and connection. Navigating the complex pathways of love requires wisdom and finesse, and our expert relationship insight offers a compass for your romantic journey.

We wanted to bring to the forefront the nuances that are frequently overlooked, providing you with the tools to strengthen the foundations of your relationship.

Let’s discover the secrets that relationship experts guard with utmost care and learn how to preserve the sanctity of your emotional union.

Unveiling the intricacies of emotional intimacy, Detangle Love wishes to shed some light on 8 things you SHOULDN’T share with your partner and when you should set a relationship boundary.

Expert Relationship Insight
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Your password

This first relationship boundary is vital. We’ve all been through that moment when our partner wants to use our phone or computer, and it’s password-protected. Avoid sharing your password to show your blind trust in them. It’s OK to keep this part private.

Couples should maintain privacy and shouldn’t go through each other’s phones. It’s sad if your spouse goes through your messages and asks, “Why did you write that?” or “Why did you write this?” Should you share absolutely everything with each other?

No, not your passwords. According to expert relationship insights, sharing email passwords after you get married, believing it’s a great way to build trust and a sense of belonging, is misplaced.

Bathroom habits and space

When sharing a bathroom, the comfort level depends on each person. Some may grow up with limited bathroom space or many siblings and don’t have as strict a privacy standard when it comes to bathroom habits.

While others might be raised with the ability to use the bathroom privately and rely on that privacy to feel more comfortable.

Or one member of the couple may grow up in a family culture that values openness, and they didn’t appreciate it and want more privacy in their adult lives or vice versa. There’s no strict rule when deciding what is and isn’t appropriate in the bathroom.

Some couples are happy to brush their teeth together and chat while one person is in the shower or on the toilet, while others prefer to keep their bathroom activities private. It’s important to discuss your comfort level with your partner.

It isn’t about saying you should be able to go to the bathroom in front of your partner. It’s about setting a relationship boundary and respecting the other person’s wishes.

Nail clippers and razors

It may seem like something that’s harmless, and we’ve all done it or thought about it whenever we were in a pinch, and there was only one razor in the shower.

Still, borrowing your partner’s razor for a quick touch-up can not only spread bacteria, it could also spread more serious blood-borne pathogens like hepatitis B and C.

Because most people don’t regularly clean their nail clippers, an accidental nick could lead to something extreme.

And even though most of us have probably never thought about it, you can spread hepatitis C, fungal and bacterial infections through nail clippers. So this is definitely a relationship boundary you should consider.

Your bedroom failures or conquests

One of the biggest expert relationship insights we can offer you is that it’s best not to talk about your past life before meeting your partner. Delving into details is likely to make the person intimidated, jealous, or stunned, even if you both know each other well.

Ignorance is bliss in this case. When it comes to your past or ex, don’t tell your spouse everything. You might wonder how much to share about your ex and how much to keep to yourself.

It’s okay to talk about certain details regarding your ex and keep your mate informed about the relationship so that they don’t hear about it from a third party and feel hurt by it. But the best thing to do is not to get into too many details.

You don’t have to share everything about what you did, where you went, and the happy things you shared.

Expert Relationship Insight
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Your entire beauty routine

You don’t need to update your partner on all the nitty-gritty of what you did at the salon spa or what you do behind closed bathroom doors. Spare them the details and let the mystery remain unless you’re asked specific questions.

A man wouldn’t understand why you need to get a facial every month or your eyebrows done weekly. Why is there a need for a gold facial or a hair spa? So spare them those details and consider this relationship boundary.

And men, we know you love your alone time as well. You might like the mani-pedi and some hair grooming. You don’t need to tell her either what you do at the salon. It’s good enough if you look well-groomed all the time. That’s all that matters.


Never share deodorant with your spouse. You probably don’t think of your armpit area as a germ zone, but according to experts, it is. Trading germs from one armpit to another is as straightforward as borrowing someone else’s antiperspirant.

Deodorants are less risky when it comes to sharing, though we wouldn’t recommend it because they usually have an alcohol base. The alcohol makes your skin acidic and less appealing to bacteria.

Antiperspirants are another story, though since they generally have aluminum, which blocks sweat pores, not bacteria.

So, if you use antiperspirant, don’t share it and speak to your partner about this relationship boundary. It’s one of the most germ-ridden items you’ll find in your medicine cabinet.

Your weight

Nitpicking over your weight and counting calories every time either one of you eats is a big NO-NO. Your partner might not show the same enthusiasm when you tell them how much weight you’ve gained or lost or how many calories are in that pizza they just tucked into.

Expert relationship insights state that a misjudged raised eyebrow, let alone a sly comment, could land one of you in deep trouble. So, keep calories and weights under wraps for both of your sakes. Likewise, you could be a big gym enthusiast, and your partner may not be.

In that case, don’t bore your partner with your constant workout regimens. What you achieved at the gym, the calories you lost, the abs you toned. There are better things to share with each other. You don’t have to share all these nitty-gritty details.

Expert Relationship Insight
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Your gossip

When you’re together, time is sacred and precious. Don’t waste that time telling him stories about your girlfriends: how that one got her heart broken, how this one misbehaved with her spouse, that other one’s weird dressing habits, and so on.

Your friend’s behavior is an unspoken yardstick for your behavior if you think about it. Keep this relationship boundary in mind. The less he knows about your friend’s indiscretions, the better.

The same goes for the men. If you’ve had a drunken brawl while out with your biking buddies, keep that info away from her ears. Spouses can judge each other when they hear stories about their friends and exploits.

Should you share everything with your mate? In this case, we don’t think so. And if you feel like you can’t keep it in, maybe some journaling might help you get your feelings out. Here’s one of our favorites from Amazon!

What did you think about these expert relationship insight? Do you agree or disagree with putting in place relationship boundaries? Let us know about your experiences in the comments section below.

In the meantime, Detangle Love is here for all the relationship tips and tricks you could dream of. For instance, we also highly recommend reading about Nonverbal Love Expressions: 10 Small Gestures Beyond I Love You

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