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8 Reasons Why Marriages Don’t Last Anymore, According to Counselors

marriages don't last anymore
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Why are people so unhappy nowadays, and why don’t marriages last anymore?

There are a couple of reasons why marriages don’t last anymore, and looking at them makes us feel more worried about our future. We were taught by our grandparents that when we get married, it’s supposed to last forever, and somehow, by miracle, they managed to do it. And why can’t we do it? What changed in society? What are the other person’s expectations, and why can’t we meet them?

The truth of today’s society is really gloomy, as we discovered when we got the opportunity to speak with a marital counselor. The cost and effort involved in planning a wedding are high, but if the marriage does not work out, both parties will wind up paying more for the separation. Therefore, consider the possibility of saying “I don’t” before you say “I do.” Here are some explanations provided by professionals about why marriages don’t last anymore:

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