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15 Subtle Signs That Hint Your Husband Is Cheating With a Coworker

Do you suspect your husband is cheating with a coworker?

Affairs between work colleagues have become a fact of life lately. It might be that you feel something suspicious about your husband. Thus, identifying the signs that he’s cheating with a coworker can help you figure out what to do to work through your relationship.

For instance, you may find him getting bored in bed, working up late, displaying an unusual lust, or even trying out new positions with you he’s never done before. These are just some hints that he could be cheating on you.

According to a survey, when 1,000 individuals were asked if they cheated on their partner with a coworker, 22% of men admitted to getting involved with an office colleague. So, it is not so common, but it happens.

Here are some subtle signs your husband is cheating with a coworker!

cheating with a coworker
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1. He is spending more time at work

“I’m very sorry, honey, but I’ll have to work late again, so don’t wait for me,” may be a red flag that your husband has a romantic affair with a coworker.

While it’s understandable if he’s working hard to advance in his career to pursue his passion or provide a better life for your family, if this happens frequently, it’s one of the signs of betrayal, indicating that your husband is cheating with a coworker.

2. He is trying to look impressive

When your husband reinvents or changes his appearance from head to toe, such as by upgrading the wardrobe, trying new perfumes, getting a new haircut, or trying to always look perfect when going to work, it’s one of the telltale signs he’s cheating with a coworker. Of course, this may not be the case if he’s always been like this.

Observe if your husband suddenly becomes interested in his looks, especially if he has never been known to pay attention to his appearance. It could be a sign he’s trying to impress his new love.

3. He is frequently traveling

You’ll find your husband frequently traveling under the guise of business trips. The out-of-town trip could allow him to go on a short gateway with his newfound love.

Of course, this doesn’t always indicate he’s cheating with a coworker but rather simply working when he’s gone. However, if your husband insists on going alone every time, coming up with excuses for why you can’t join him, you need to look into it.

4. He is trying to be in shape

He has shown no interest in getting in shape in the past and may not have worked out in years, but suddenly starts jogging, going to the gym, or pursuing a similar fitness regimen. If the reason why he’s doing that is unknown to you, you may want to start asking yourself some questions. He may be cheating with a coworker.

Maybe your husband is working hard to lose some pounds because he wants to lose extra fat or his tummy for his lover.

5. He’s not inviting you to office parties

If your husband is cheating with a coworker, he may refuse to invite you to office parties, particularly when other people he’s working with are coming with their spouses.

It’s possible that he’s having an affair with someone from work, that his coworkers know about his philandering ways, or that he’s trying to avoid exposure as you might meet the one with whom he’s having an affair.

6. He is hiding his phone or laptop

Your husband might have a texting app or an email account you didn’t know about, or he might have two phones and you only know about one. He’ll often close the tabs on his screen, shut down his laptop as you enter the room, or start taking calls by going to another room.

When you inquire, he becomes defensive or secretive and claims they are just work calls. However, there’s a chance he might be cheating with a coworker and coochie-cooing with them over the phone. These could be signs of dishonesty.

7. He’s overly interested in you

Your husband seems to be more interested in you than usual. Perhaps he may start to surprise you with gifts or assist with children’s care more often than usual.

He may even start doing chores around the house, such as ironing clothes, washing dishes, or finishing DIY projects he has been postponing for months. Maybe he feels guilty for his infidelity and wishes to atone for his actions.

Keep reading to discover other signs your husband is cheating with a coworker!

cheating with a coworker
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8. He’s not showing interest in you

This is the opposite of him being overly interested in you. He no longer shows interest in what you did during the day or wants to be affectionate with you, whether it’s a hug or a kiss.

If your husband becomes less interested in how you’re feeling, it may indicate that he’s getting an emotional fix for his unhappiness elsewhere. Perhaps he’s cheating with a coworker.

9. He’s showing more drive in bed

Your husband may have more drive between the sheets because the excitement of an affair boosts his libido. You may notice that your intimate life is improving because your spouse doesn’t want to risk losing interest in you.

Conversely, if he used to be excited in the bedroom with you and no longer exhibits the same drive and passion, this could be one of the most obvious signs your husband is cheating on you. Maybe with a coworker.

A low libido may suggest that your spouse is bored in bed and getting his intimate kick elsewhere.

10. He has started to lie frequently

Dishonesty in a romantic relationship can be a major cause for concern and may point to underlying problems, including infidelity. If your husband frequently lies, you need to understand his reasons through open communication.

He may lie to hide his actions and avoid facing the consequences of his infidelity. If he’s cheating with a coworker, he may also lie to keep up a face and protect himself from the possible consequences of unfaithfulness. Guilt, fear of hurting you, or a desire to keep the romantic affair are common motives for dishonesty.

This being said, if you catch him lying quite often, approach him and address the root cause. If he confesses to you about his infidelity and you are willing to make things work again, here’s a book that can help you restore your relationship.

11. He’s accusing you

If your husband is cheating with a coworker, he may accuse you of manipulating him emotionally. He may be attempting to allay suspicion by accusing you of cheating. When someone cheats, they tend to become paranoid, thinking that their partner is also cheating because of their guilty conscience.

He acts in this way to either alleviate his guilt over being with someone else or confuse you, as you can’t accuse him when he’s doing the same with you.

12. He’s uninterested in conversations

Your husband may be uninterested in conversations or any engagement because he’s unhappy and frustrated being at home, surrounded by everything that keeps him from being with his lover.

You may also see your husband uninterested in topics you or other family members would talk about at the dinner table. If you bring up one of those topics, he may either shrug, make a dismissive remark, or respond so that the conversation is rendered meaningless.

13. He’s constantly arguing

One of the most obvious signs that your husband is cheating with a coworker is the emergence of pointless and incessant arguments. He becomes unapproachable and unresponsive. You may be confused as to where all of this is coming from and why the actual source of the argument is frequently ambiguous or trivial.

The causes could be him feeling trapped and unable to spend time with his lover or the stress over the affair. Such arguments will inevitably create distance between you two.

new hobbies
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14. He’s picking up new tastes and hobbies

A cheater is often hooked not only on their lover but also on their hobbies, tastes, music, food, or movies. For instance, if your husband is afraid of heights, you may notice that he has suddenly developed an interest in bungee jumping or mountain climbing.

If he was a fan of classical music, he may have developed an interest in rock music. Of course, he could be expanding his frontiers, but it’s also possible that he’s cheating with a coworker and trying to impress his secret lover by aligning with her hobbies.

15. He’s unavailable over the phone

Being unreachable or unavailable for an extended period, claiming that the phone battery has died, or having no phone service, maybe a red flag that he’s unfaithful. It happens to all of us, but not all the time.

If your husband is cheating with a coworker, he may use the call forwarding feature or a dual SIM phone. If you call him, he may hang up on you or be talking to another woman.

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