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9 Signs Someone Secretly Has Feelings For You

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Do you like to flirt with people? Or do you think there are any signs that someone has feelings for you?

I don’t know what your thoughts on this one are, but I think that flirting is fun and exciting, and it makes you feel all cute, bubbly, and s**y. However, some people find it really uncomfortable because they want to be perceived as attractive and spicy, but they end up looking weird or doing random things others don’t understand.

There’s also the possibility that other people have no idea how to flirt, which might make them look stiff and very serious. If you’re dating someone, you probably want them to flirt with you as much as possible, because this means that they like you and find you very appealing.

It’s important to know when someone is flirting with you, whether you’re looking for a new partner or simply want to avoid getting into an uncomfortable situation where you get the wrong message.

So how can you tell if the person you’re with is flirting with you or not? I’ve been there and done that, which is why I’m here to tell you all the signs that the person you like is just as interested in you as you are in them (*wink-wink*). But now let us move on from this intro, because it’s already pretty long, and let’s get started!

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10 Responses

  1. If someone is flirting with you, they may ask you if you think their fragrance smells nice. That way you’ll lean into them and take a whiff 🤣

  2. I remember a life time of friends doing all of these body movements, plus facial expressions, and teasing me. They all made me feel uncomfortable and I would ignore them, because I didn’t understand. As I an old man and living alone, I would say this all makes sense. I would give a lot of praise to this article.

  3. This is cute teen age play day. Who takes this serious? This would do way better in a teen magazine. If you are so insecure you need constant attention? and you are an adult >?Think about this! Will this person be a good partner? In a life long relationship? Think about it before you jump. How long before it is tiresome and you look around again?

  4. Some long stare in your eyes can be creepy and a warning sign. Take this with a grain of salt. beware of actions? Make sure you don’t make wrong choice. This is also a way to play a person.

  5. Red flag on this? What do they want from you? What is real or fake? Can you do this forever? If not what happens to relationship? Do your friends fine this strange?

  6. This is a true show of attraction to you. I trust this one! A Lot of people don’t know this one. It is sort of unconscious attraction. They may not know this. I think it could be pure.

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