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Body Language: If She Makes These 10 Gestures, She’s Into You!

Hear me out: if she has this body language, you can tell she’s into you!

Dating as a senior isn’t easy. You don’t have the same energy you used to have, and you probably don’t want to waste years finding the right woman for you.

But hey, nothing is impossible, and if you meet a gorgeous woman at a bar, a cinema, in the park, in a coffee shop, or in any place you might be going, you can look at their body language gestures and get a peek inside their minds.

Women can be hard to read because we’re such complex individuals, and you might notice it’s difficult to tell whether someone’s into you or not. Sometimes, women can flirt with their friends without intending to do so, but be a little cold to the ones they find interesting. Shakira said that hips don’t lie, and I’m telling you that body language doesn’t lie either.

If you want to discover whether your new someone special considers you special too, this article is for you. No more guessing whether she finds you attractive or not; no more mixed signals and misinterpretation. Are you ready to be a dating master? Here’s the thing: if she has this body language, she’s into you. Let’s begin!

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1. She plays with her hair

Before we begin talking about body language, you have to know that a person does it when they’re comfortable around you. When you feel good in someone’s company, you don’t think too much about what you do, and little things can tell more than you think.

So one of the first signs that a woman is into you is whether she plays with her hair or not. It doesn’t matter if she has long or short hair; if she can twirl it on her finger, she’ll do it while talking to you.

When a woman is nervous, shy, excited, or when she is interested in something or someone, she’ll subconsciously play with her hair, twisting or twirling it on her finger. This small gesture is a non-verbal sign that she flirts with you and that she wants you to pay attention to her.

2. She nods

Nodding is another sign that she finds you interesting. If she does this when you speak, it means that she’s engaged in the conversation, she actively listens, and she encourages you to continue. Yay to go, dear; you’ve got her full attention!

3. She touches you

Touching is one of the clearest body language signs that she’s into. This is available for both genders, because when you like something or someone, you want to be closer to them, feel their presence better, and connect with them physically.

So if you’re on a date with a woman and she touches your shoulders or arms when you talk to her, she’s attracted to you. She might also “accidentally” brush her hands against yours or your thighs. If her hand immediately moves, you can tell it was a simple accident, but it lingers, she’s into you.

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4. She laughs at your jokes

Here’s something about me: I love jokes, and I love being around people who make me laugh. One thing I don’t do is laugh when someone makes a bad joke.

I know that it might be nice to laugh and make them feel better, but I just can’t do it, and I can tell you for sure that I’m not the only one. But when my husband makes a joke, even a lame one, I will laugh.

So if a woman laughs at your jokes, even if they’re not that funny, she might do it because she likes you and she wants to make you feel good. Keep reading to discover other body languages that tell a woman she’s into you!

5. She fiddles with random items

People tend to fidget with their hands when they’re uncomfortable or frightened. So, if she’s constantly fiddling with things, it’s not necessarily a sign that she’s interested in you. However, lightly touching something and maintaining eye contact can be a sign that a lady’s into you.

6. She’s touchy-touchy

Oh, yes, this is one of the clearest body language signs that she finds you attractive. When a woman’s into someone, she will subconsciously find a way to make you notice her.

This means that she might adopt flirty behavior, so you’ll notice her touching her face, lips, and neck. She might do these on purpose, but there’s also a chance that her body took over.

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7. She licks her lips

Yeah, well, a woman will lick her lips when they’re dry, but I doubt she doesn’t have chapstick in her bag. So if you notice that your date constantly makes this gesture, or maybe she listens to you while looking at your lips, it might be a sign that she’s into you.

Speaking of lips, many women do this to send off the signal that they won’t mind a kiss, so you could try to kiss your date and see how she responds. That is surely a way to determine whether she likes you or not.

8. She leans into you

People tend to lean closer to the person they’re talking to so that they can hear better and engage in the conversation. This is very noticeable when you’re in a bar or at a party and the music is loud. However, if you’re on a date and there’s no specific reason why she’ll get closer to you, it might be a way to let you know she likes you.

If she does that, it might be because she feels secure in your personal space. It’s her way of saying she thinks you’re attractive. If you want to date a woman, do not disregard these types of body language that show she’s interested in you. You know that sometimes actions speak louder than words.

9. Her voice changes

Pay attention to her tone of speech when she’s near you. Take it from me: a lady who’s interested in you will slightly modify her pitch, loudness, or tempo when speaking with you. While these subtle changes might not be noticeable if you don’t know her well, the way her voice sounds tells you more about what happens inside her mind.

10. Her pupils dilate

Do you know that your pupils dilate when you look at something you like? During emotional states such as arousal or happiness, the autonomic nervous system produces a variety of reactions. Your body releases dopamine, generally known as the happy hormone, when it anticipates something positive, such as a slice of cake or attention from a loved one.

What’s interesting about this hormone is that it can also cause someone’s pupils to dilate as a side effect. So if you talk to your date and you notice that her pupils are getting bigger and bigger, take it as a subconscious body language sign that she’s into you.

If you want to learn more about body language and how to use it to your advantage, here’s an amazing book that will give you all the insights you need.

What do you think about body language? Do you agree with any of these? Let us know in the comments below! If you enjoyed reading this article and want to check out something else from Detangle Love, here’s an amazing post for you: 10 Things Women Want in Bed but Won’t Tell You

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