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6 Signs She Wants You in the Bedroom

Have you recently been on a date and now you’re curious if she wants you in the bedroom?

I’ve got the answer, babe. Women can be hard to read, but when they like someone, you can see it in their eyes, body language, and voice. They will show it, but you need to know the signs to look out for.

As a woman myself, I can understand better if she wants you in the bedroom because these were also my ways of teasing my husband when we started dating. If you thought about getting physical with the person you like but don’t know if you want the same thing, I’m here for you.

Dating can be fun and exciting, but if you can’t heat it off between the sheets, it might not work out. Of course, there’s always room for improvement, as this is more of a trial-and-error process, but until things are perfect, you have to start somewhere. So, how can you tell if she wants you in the bedroom? You read this article. Let’s begin!

she wants you in the bedroom
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1. She tells you she’s home alone

If you’re on a date with a special someone and she tells you that she’s home alone, it’s a surefire sign she wants you in the bedroom. Whether she lives with a roommate or with her children, if she’s all alone and she tells you so, she’s giving you a hint.

Women don’t typically say too much about their personal lives too early, especially not about their living situation. If she doesn’t want to get physical with you, she’s probably curious to see how you’d reach such an affirmation, and then she’ll take it from there.

To make sure you don’t jump to conclusions and assume she wants to take your clothes off, pay attention to her body language. Is she flirty and relaxed? Does she tense up because she said something she wasn’t supposed to?

Another way to see whether she wants you in the bedroom or not is to check how the conversation continues now that you know she’s home alone. If she keeps suggesting this or if she’s all flirty, she probably wants to have fun between the sheets with you.

2. She’s curious about what you like behind closed doors

If she wants you in the bedroom, she’s probably curious about what you like under the covers. This woman probably wants to know your wildest fantasies, the craziest places you’ve had fun in, what you’d like to do or receive, and so many other special things.

She wouldn’t be curious about such things if she didn’t plan on trying them in real life. If you want to play a flirtatious game and see how she’ll react, you can tell her something like, “I can show you later all the things I like. You’ll probably like them too.” If she wants you in the bedroom, she’ll appreciate your flirtatious and brave response.

Another thing you could do is ask her what her preferences are. If she gives you spicy details, she probably expects you to do those things later, whether it’s that night or after a few more dates. Don’t forget to watch her body language and see if she’s flirtatious, like twirling her hair, getting closer to you, biting her lip, smiling seductively, crossing her legs, or touching your arm.

she wants you in the bedroom
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3. She will look her best

If she likes you, she wants you in the bedroom. And since she wishes you two got physical, she will make an effort to look her best. Your date will probably wear a stylish outfit she feels confident and comfortable in; she will put effort into her makeup, hair, shoes, and accessories. She wants you to notice her and think about how beautiful she is.

Of course, women always want to be put together and look gorgeous, even if they don’t put any effort into their appearance, but they won’t go all out for someone they’re not interested in. The outfit a woman wears might be a sign of physical interest for some, but it can also be an everyday look for others.

But what women do when they go on a date with someone they find attractive is wear heels, dresses, or clothing that accentuates their curves, plunging necklines, red lipstick, great perfume, and sophisticated yet simple makeup. But again, body language is very important to see if she wants you in the bedroom or not.

4. She kisses you passionately

If you’ve already reached the stage of kissing, it’s getting easier to know if she wants you in the bedroom or not. A kiss is usually the first stage of something physical, and if she wants to take things to the next level, she’ll put a lot of passion into the kiss.

This means that she’ll probably use her tongue a lot—lick or bite your lips, pull you closer, put her hands in your hair or on your neck—you get the idea. However, don’t assume that just because she’s passionate, she will go between the sheets with you. Don’t get discouraged either, because she surely wants to give you a sneak peek at what’s coming next, making you want her even more.

If you want to be certain of what’s going on inside her mind, you can suggest moving the fun into the bedroom or at one of your places. If she agrees, you can get ready for a night of fun.

Are you curious if she wants you in the bedroom or not? Keep reading to find out!

she wants you in the bedroom
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5. She checks you out

Even though women are confident and know exactly what they want, they might be shy to say it, so they will give you hints. For instance, if your date wants to get physical with you but she wants you to make the next move, she will give you signs, like checking you out.

She’ll probably do this thing to make you notice, but she won’t take it too far so that she won’t look or feel hurt if you’re not on the same page. You’ll see her looking at you from head to toe, paying attention to your lips and eyes, then your lips again, looking at your muscles, etc.

If you notice her looking at your gains, for instance, you could flirtatiously tell her that she can touch them. She’ll surely take the chance if she wants you in the bedroom. She might even ask you what you can do with those muscles, so it’s up to you how you respond and then take things further. Just have fun and go with the flow!

6. She likes your advances

A woman might give you clues about her thoughts regarding what she’d like to get out of this connection with you and will like to let you know that she wants more. However, she probably doesn’t want to tell you so directly, and that’s because she wants to be chased and feel like a prize.

She wants you to be the one who pursues her, and if she wants you in the bedroom, she’ll give you signs, but she’d love you to notice and take the lead. She’ll take all the opportunities she has to let you know she’s okay with getting physical, but she’ll do so in a gentle, subtle, feminine, yet seductive way.

Some women like to play hard to get, so don’t get discouraged if she doesn’t respond to your moves right away. On the other hand, don’t assume that you’ll have fun between the sheets just because she allows you to get closer to her and rest your hand on her thigh. If you want to take things to the next level and be certain that she wants you in the bedroom, you can ask in a flirtatious way.

And if you want to spice things up and get to know one another a little better between the closed bedroom doors, here’s a funny and flirty game you could try. Don’t forget to have fun, talk about your wants and needs, and be certain that you both want to get physical.

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